These new TNR furballs were born to an owned dog in Nairobi. After discussing with the owner of the dog, she agreed to spay the mother now that the puppies are weaned. This will prevent future litters to be born and helps curb in the dog population in Nairobi.

The puppies now went to a foster home and you can imagine that the ‘foster mom’ is being kept busy the whole day! She is also keeping a close eye on all of them as some still need regular check-ups with the vet.

These tiny tots are going to be available for adoption in a couple weeks! So watch this space!

Aren’t they adorable?

20171210 Pups.jpg



Africa Animal Welfare Conference

Amy Rapp, "Rescue Captain" of TNR Trust Nairobi
Amy Rapp, “Rescue Captain” of TNR Trust Nairobi

On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2017, TNR Trust Nairobi was invited to participate at the Africa Animal Welfare Conference. Animal Welfare is Serious Business!

The Africa Animal Welfare Conference aims at bringing together experts in various thematic areas from different nations across Africa and beyond, to address the interplay between Animal Welfare, Environment and Development amongst them pollution, food security, environmental health, animal welfare concerns as well as Sustainable Development Goals.

It was great to meet some like minded people doing the same sorts of things in Mozambique, Uganda, Botswana, Ivory Coast and of, course Kenya!

For more information, go to http://www.aawelfareconference.org/


FOUND! ‘Otieno’ Dog at Karura Forest

FOUND in Karura Forest, Thigiri side on 5 December 2017

The dog got lost/loose and someone left a name (Otieno) and a phone number that seems to be incorrect.

20 kg female, German Shepherd X local dog. She was really skittish and it took TNR and friends a while to catch her.

She is boarding at the vets until we find her owners. Contact TNR Trust Nairobi if you know where she belongs!



20170905-Milly Billy Emma adjusted


Emma came from a litter of 4 pups. Together with mother, her sister and 2 brothers she was rescued by a film crew in Limuru (Kenya). They were brought to the KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals) and once the mother had gained enough weight, she was spayed and vaccinated and returned to the owner.

As TNR Trust often assists the KSPCA with finding homes for rescued dogs and cats, this batch of little rescues made its way to us once they were old enough to be separated from the mother. They were born June 2017 and a handful! But after being settled in their temporary foster home, our volunteers started training them. They graduated with flying colours: basic commands, leash walking, socializing with humans, cats and dogs and were eventually even used to walking on a busy road. All four of them also had built-in instincts in acting as guard dogs!

Emma proved to be a playful, confident puppy and loves a good cuddle and snuggle. She got the winning ticket and was eventually adopted! She was able to go to a loving home.

We wish her all the best! And of course we thank Oli for adopting her!

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We have some beautiful rescued pups who need homes.

Please email tnrtrustnairobi@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting any one of our fantastic furry friends!

Contact: TNR Trust Nairobi via:
Amy Rapp 0733 255 406 (sms) or Hanne 0703 358 975
Email: tnrtrustnairobi@gmail.com

TNR Trust requires an approved adoption contract, a donation of 8000 ksh to help cover vaccinations/food and a requisite follow-up home visit.

New owners must commit to spaying/neutering


Evie has become a very beautiful sleek puppy.

Born early September 2017, she is very intelligent and has already learnt to walk on a leash and the commands sit and down.

She is super friendly and loves hugs and cuddles and is keen to please. She loves playing with her sister Nancy.

Could yours be her forever home?


20171207_ Nancy adjusted

Nancy is just a round bundle of fun. Inquisitive, playful and very feisty. She is friends with everyone; playing with all the bigger puppies at puppy class and is really quick to learn.

Only born in early September 2017 but easily keeping up with the older pups when it comes to training.

She is very affectionate and would love to be your companion for life.


Bubbles is a gorgeous, sweet female puppy born in early-October 2017. Together with her sister Bailey, she was found hiding underneath a car and nearly drowned.

Inquisitive, playful and feisty. She is very affectionate and would love to be your forever companion. She loves belly-rubs!


Bailey is a fun loving pup looking for her forever home.

She was born early-October 2017. Together with her sister Bubbles she was found hiding underneath a car and nearly drowned.

She is really pretty, a little shy but super affectionate. She loves to be in your lap and just relax with you. A true people-dog!


20170814 Dora - TNR Branch Manager

Dora is the indomitable explorer looking out for new horizons. Happy to try new things, discover new toys and hiding places. Dora also enjoys a good cuddle and her ears are satellites that zone in when training with food!

She is currently going through basic training by one of our volunteers. Dora will need a home where this training can continue.

Maddie’s new toy!

Last week, we had a dog coming in from Mvuli Road, rescued by 2 of our die-hard volunteers. Maddie is only 6 months old and very slim built. She had a horrible eye infections, her ears were a mess and she had a fractured front leg.

She is currently at the vet getting the proper medication, vaccinations and tender, love and care. At the moment, she is not fit enough yet for adoption, but hopefully she will recover quickly and then we will look for her forever home.

Because her front leg will be in a cast for another while, Mahua Cavanagh was so gracious as to make her a “snufflemat“. Mahua has adopted a dog from TNR called Oreo, who also had his leg broken when he came into TNR. This snufflemat can be used for playing, biting and snuggling, so we look forward to see how Maddie will enjoy her present.

Thank you, Mahua!

If you would like to make a donation towards Maddie’s vet bill, please go to:




20171030 Oliver


Oliver was found when he was only approximately 8 weeks old. He was rescued by 1 of our volunteers and, after a checkup and quarantine at the vet, he was brought to a foster home. Here, he could socialize with other dogs, cats and humans.

We managed to find him a wonderful family who was ready to include him in their home.

We wish him all the best!



Lucy came from near a food shop in Ridgeways and had been just dropped off at here new home when she escaped from the compound. The compound was on Lower Kabete Road (Nairobi), near Ngecha junction. The new adopters are a couple in their 80s and are in complete distress

She has been regularly sighted so we haven’t given up hope yet!

20170814 Lucy Poster


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