“Community Health through Animal Welfare’’

In order to educate the community regarding Animal Welfare, TNR Trust Nairobi has created the following flyers which you can download for your or your community’s use:

  1. About TNR Trust Nairobi: a short story of who we are, the obstacles we face and what our mission is.
  2. Spay or Neuter: Pets can’t add but they can multiply. So sterilize your dog or your cat!
  3. Guard Dogs: Myth vs Truth
  4. Expats & Pets: How to stay together forever
  5. Je wajua utafanya nini ukimwa na mbwa kichaa?: what to do when a dog bites you?
  6. Rabies Prevention by TNR Trust Nairobi

For more information on rabies, go to our page Rabies in Kenya